Cuckoo B 
Cuckoo B; They work with handcrafted elements, care for the selection of materials and decent working conditions in all the countries where they operate.

Referring to their Cleo pendant, I wanted to take the opportunity to show Cleopatra in a totally different way to what the cinema has been showing us historically. Here you can see the Cleopatra of the painter Artemisa Gentileschi, where we can see her more humanised and less stereotyped.

If you go "diving" into the #collage, you will see the hands of the artisans of Talavera de la Reina shaping the glazed ceramic piece, the snake that poisoned Cleopatra (obtained through #midjourney), the fique plant that is used to create the Leandra Bag through the guacamaya technique (Colombia) and, of course, the queen bee (which inspires the name of Cuckoo B) flying over the whole space.

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