Elle - Simone Biles
Do you know the story of the goddess Aurora (Eos in Greek mythology)? Every morning, the sister goddess of the Sun and Moon opened the gates of heaven allowing the Sun to illuminate the Earth. However, Aurora was cursed by Aphrodite, according to the myth, the morning dew is her tears as they fall.The May cover of Elle, featuring Simone Biles, has inspired me: she is the modern Aurora. Simone has shone a light on evil by exposing 20 years of abuse and identifying the perpetrators. She has given a voice to the victims of rape that she and more than 330 other gymnasts have suffered for so long. She has drawn attention to significant mental health issues by shining her light so that she receives the recognition she deserves. 

Original Painting: Herbert Draper, 1900
Cover Elle:
Photographer: @juankr_
Production/set: @odileiturraspe
Mua & hair: @glamherj for Herrera
Beauty by @carolinaherrera

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