Remedios Varo - Motion - Poster design intervening original artwork and typographic motion.

Cruzcampo - Poster and Motion - Poster design and parrallax motion, inspired by vintage posters of the brand.

Isabel Miller
- Editorial - Cover design and motion.

GucccixAdidas - Publicity and motion design.

IA and Weareable items - Motions explorations.

Elle - Editorial - Cover design and motion. 

Infinite Woman
- Motion explorations. 

Metaverse Projects


Infinite Woman.

Motion explorations.

Is a project that through the inclusion of fruit in the initial pictorial work and the treatment with motion generates a story of infinity in which the beginning and end is the woman, fertility and pachamama.




The original jewellery of this brand in the work of "Gabrielle d'Estrées and her sister".



Digital photomontage.

How to represent the effects of happy pills? Through Goya's Pelele.


 Retrato de Dorian Gray.

Editorial - Cover

In this cover design, the story of the novel is related to the myth of Narcissus.


Graphic and motion protest.

Framed by Vasily Vereshchagin's mountain of skulls, (1871) and joined with previous Russian "supremacists" such as Catherine the Great or Stalin together with the logos of the companies that support him or even his KGB card, this is a simple protest or a way of lettin out some frustration at the situation.



Digital photomontage.

This is the painting The Persistence of Memory, 1931, by Salvador Dalí. It has a great symbolism of time as the Nike Air Jordan proves to be timeless.


Artics Donuts.

Digital photomontage.

The union of the musical group Artics Monkeys with doughnuts and Caspar Friedich's "The Walker on a Sea of Clouds".


Flamenco in the Metaverse.

Poster and Motion.

Flamenco is known for its power to transmit feelings. This was captured by several painters, such as the Spaniard Julio Romero de Torres and Sorolla, who used women as the protagonists of their works, which I include in this piece, updating it to the metaverse.


 Remedios Varo.

Motion - Poster design intervening original artwork and typographic motion.


Pablo Romo.

Graphic and motion design.

In the wake of his latest song "No thinky just by cute" and all the feelings it provokes, I have set the work in Patinir painting “El paso de la Laguna Estigia”.


Fire with Juana.

Graphic and motion protest.

I had made this video out of necessity, the need to express the pain of seeing that we are destroying it. It will be true that the biggest problem of planet earth is the human being, I still can't explain how it is possible... 



Graphic and motion design.

In the same year that the famous Mirinda was founded in Spain, Picasso created his series of reinterpretations of the Meninas. It is curious how, by conceptualising both events, we place them in space and time.

Bottle in the metaverse.


A bottle in the metaverse? an advertisement for the same? here it is.

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