Javier León Castillo is an incredible 3D artist, and he is a benchmark. He works with hyper-realistic content with a quality that surpasses even the real image. He specialises in generating elements of the luxury industry and does so with an astonishing level of detail. As an art historian, I can't help but make a brief historical reference, and then connect it to this beautiful digital work. This particular model, made by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1938, was inspired by The Wizard of Oz and consisted of thick layers of cork covered in suede and golden quilted straps. The scarcity of leather after the end of World War II inspired the craftsman to use other materials. They were made for Judy Garland, the actress in the film. In my work, I wanted to recreate Ferragamo in a scene composed of different visual objects from the film, in which I have represented the world of Oz with the path of the golden tiles and an invented bridge that symbolises the connection between the real world and the imaginary world of Oz, just as Salvatore did with his shoe. This is the best homage I could think of to communicate what Javier's piece has conveyed to me.

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