Creative Block - Fotocomposición - Diseño de carteles con collage, AI y arte histórico.

Nestlé -Collage digital e ilustración

El Álcazar - Collage y motion

Cuckoo B- Collage y motion

Malleolus, Emilio Moro -Diseño de etiqueta

Inés Rosales - Publicidad y collage

Collage projects

Collage, illustration and 3D.

This piece is based on the work of Javier León, who is an incredible 3D artist, and is a reference point.
As an art historian, I can't help but make a brief historical reference, and then connect it to this beautiful digital work. This particular model of shoes designed by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1938, is inspired by The Wizard of Oz and was composed of thick layers of cork covered in suede and golden padded straps. See the details

Cuckoo B.

Collage, illustration and AI.

This collage for Cuckoo B integrates two of her pieces together with elements that support their elaboration and history. Click to find out more.


El Álcazar.

Collage, illustration and AI.

This piece on El Alcázar is conceptualised around the land of its birth, Jaén. In order to highlight this link, the elements of the area and those that characterise the beer that the people of Jaén champion are highlighted.

Malleolus, Emilio Moro.
Label design.

Label designed using collage, illustration and artificial intelligence.


Collage Publicity.

In this piece for Nestlé I use collage as the main technique, helping myself with elements created through IA and other illustrated ones.

Creative Block.
Digital collage, illustration and artificial intelligence.

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